When we return...

  • Please make sure you have completed any/all Words of the Day, Keys to Success, Grammar Practice, and Homework that is due during the two weeks that we do not have school.

    Course Calendar:  Scroll down to find bellringers and homework

    This includes:

    Words of the Day/Keys to Success:

         W3.17 (snivel)

         W3.18 (treacherous)

         W3.19 (degradation)

         W3,20 (disposition)

         W3.21 (tremulous)

    DOCUMENT:  Words of the Day/Keys to Success

    Text for Keys to Success:  Rails to Trails

    Grammar Practices:

         G3.17 (Language Network 8.4A)

         G3.18 (Language Netowrk 8.5A-B)

         G3.19 (Language Network 8.6)

         G3.20 (Language Network 8.7)

         G3.21 (Language Network 8.8)

    DOCUMENT:  Grammar Practice



         H3.17 Grammar 8.2/3

         H3.18  Find the Errors #18

         H3.19 Vocab Lesson 18

         H3.20 Find the Errors #20

         H3.21 Grammar 8.6/7

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  • Utilize the menu  items to the left to navigate different units from throughout the year and find pertinent documents. 
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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • I.  Introductory Paragraph

         →Hook (DO NOT use a question)

         →Background Info (Who/What/Where/When/Why)

         →Thesis Statement (which creates topic sentences of body paragraphs)

    II. Body Paragraph (3 to 4 of these, please!)

         →Topic Sentence

          →Examples from Texts (two MINIMUM per paragraph)

         →Citations of Examples (either in the sentence, or in parentheses at the end of the sentence)

         →Explanation (how do your examples prove your topic sentence, and how does your topic sentence relate back to your thesis?)

         →Transition (move things along to the next paragraph)

    III.  Conclusion

         →Paraphrase thesis

         →Summarize main ideas of essay

         →Drop the Mic (say something thoughtful and get out of there while you can!)

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