• *I have now added a section title IMPORTANT UPDATE from the COLLEGE BOARD about AP TESTS & TEST PREP!  Please go here and read *all* of the information, however, I highlighted the *really* important stuff in this same hot pink color -- they are all live links!!


    Use the link below to access the AP English Language & Composition Class Notebook for course information. Please contact me at jlanich@eriesd.org if you have questions or trouble accessing the site. 



    Please take advantage of free AP test prep.  There are AP Lang practice exams and recorded webinars that you can view to gain valuable information and practice! *there are exams and webinars available for multiple AP courses!

    Test Prep from the College Board! *All subject areas will be updated by the College Board no later than March 25.


    *I have "unlocked" all assessments on AP Classroom.  You can log in to your AP Classroom account to practice both Multiple Choice and Free Response questions!  If you are scheduled to take the AP Exam, please consider taking advantage of this practice and the webinars available.  


    Before the school buildings were closed, we were working on the assignments below.  Feel free to continue your work on these assignments, however, they will not be due or graded while we are out of the school building. Due dates will be determined when we return to school.  Feel free to submit early.


    Sentence Outline: Submit to TII. *Please follow directions to "color-code" your document body paragraphs and submit them with color!

    Rough Draft: Submit to TII. *Leave your document color-coded,  the difference between the Outline and the Draft will be that there will no longer be "letters or numbers" and you will have paragraphs, and there will be the addition of "blue" and "green" sentences that are your commentary, explanation, and discussion. *Please use the Office 365 Class Notebook to access rubrics, more specific directions, exemplars, etc. 

    Free Rice: You can keep working and submit to TII or wait for revised due dates when we return.  

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