• 4th grade - Erie Art Museum

    On Friday, May 3rd, the Perry 4th graders took a field trip to the Erie Art Museum.  The trip was made possible by, 4th grade Math teacher, Mrs. Munch’s grant, which she received from the Partnership for Erie's Public Schools


    The fourth graders were separated into groups by homeroom then went to 4 different centers.  The first center was finding an object in a painting in a painting from the Spring Art Show.  The second had the students noticing different illusions artists can create from an elaborate painting.  The third center, students looked how an artist’s inspiration came from “The Cup.”  The final center of the morning was a chance for students to listen to LipBone Redding change some of their limericks into a musical piece.  The students really enjoyed LipBone making a trombone sound with only his mouth.  To learn more about LipBone Redding, check out his website here