• Perry School Is Turning 100

    Friday, May 17 (Day 2)

    Kick off Assembly                             9:00    Grades 1,2,5

                                                         9:45   Grades K, 3, 4
    "Perry Shuffle" Flash Mob Dance

    Monday, May 20 (Day 3)

    Academic Days- Teachers will plan activities related to 100, historical events and significance, and other things to gain understanding of Perry turning 100.

    Time Capsule- Classroom and teachers will discuss time capsules and decide what should go in our “Perry time capsule.” which will be buried on Friday.  Classrooms have all week to discuss and prepare.  


    Tuesday, May 21     NO SCHOOL


    Wednesday,  May 22 (Day 4) 

    Former Perry students/teachers and other dignitaries will visit rooms or grade levels to read to the students.  Readers include Flo Fabrizi, Pat Harkins, Carol Baker, Mary Beth Abbott, and John Last.   



    Thursday, May 23 (Day 5)

    NED Assembly (Never give up, Encourage Others, Do your best) 

                           9:30-  Kind., 1, 3
                           10:30- Grades  2, 4, 5

    Spirit Day – students will wear their Perry shirts with uniform bottoms for bringing in a food donation.  Each grade level will try to collect 100 items!   


    Friday, May 24 (Day 6)


    ***Morning:  Each class will plant flowers around the school

    ***Afternoon:  These events will begin at 1:00 and will take up your afternoon

    1:00  Closing events include:
                             Planting a centennial tree, Burying the time capsule, taking an air photo with students in the shape of 100.
                             Students will sing Happy Birthday, do the Perry Shuffle dance and eat cake.

                             News coverage will be here at Perry.



     Saturday, May 25  Bicentennial Parade

    Perry Elementary will have a float in the parade with the chorus singing and a banner for students to carry in front of the float.  
    Students are encouraged to walk in parade with their 100 celebration t-shirts.  A flyer will be sent home with students to let parents know when and where to go for the parade.
    Perry families are allowed to be a part of the float group or watch the parade.   Take this opportunity to be a part of this monumental and once in a lifetime occasion in Erie.