• 4th Grade - Second Harvest Food Bank
    After collecting various items and money throughout the year, on May 29th, the 4th graders took a trip to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  While at the food bank, the fourth graders experienced 3 different stations.  In one of the stations, students met with Brian who had the students act as volunteers to pack bags for the Backpack Program in the city.   There were 10 items that went in to each bag.  The students worked as a team to make sure each bag was ready for distribution.  In the second station, Samantha gave the students a tour of the facility, which included going into the freezer and refrigerator.  It was pretty amazing that 11.2 million pounds of food were given out last year and 72,600 people were helped. In the final station, Heather took the students into the board room to discuss some important issues.  She told them the 3 places where the food bank gets their donations - stores (restaurants), farmers, and us.  She, also, got them thinking about what type of people might need a little assistance from the food bank.  Imagine eating only 1 meal a day!
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