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    Hello, and welcome to Strong Vincent Middle School Wellness/Fitness department!  Our Physical Education program is no longer sports based but rather a nutrition/fitness/healthy choices based curriculum.  Our focus is on training the students for a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure that our students will be prepared to value and engage in life-long healthy lifestyles to assure they become productive, responsible students and citizens.  The learning standards for our curriculum are based on the National Association for Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) and the Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education Standards to provide the students with a well planned and sequential instructional program.  We also incorporate FLASH (Family Life And Sexual Heath) curriculum for 7th and 8th grade students.  This curriculum addresses sexual health as our students enter a critical age of puberty.  More information can be accessed through our department's web page (found under the academic tab of the home page) or directly from www.kingcounty.gov/health/FLASH.  New this year, we will be instructing a "Learn to Swim" program from the American Red Cross.  If your child already knows how to swim, he/she will work on refining those skills.  If your son/daughter does not know how to swim, we will work on basic skills to ensure they are safe around water.  Lastly, we are piloting "Life Skills Training".  This programs discusses the facts about commonly used drugs as well as other topics students need to be aware of in making good and safe choices.



    Schedule:  Students have Wellness/Fitness every-other-day.  It is based on an A/B day schedule.  

    2017-2018 Strong Vincent Middle School Physical Education Requirements


    • Food/gum is not permitted. This is a school rule and a safety concern. Students are allowed to bring a bottle of water to class. Water is the only beverage permitted.
    • Equipment set out in the gym is not to be touched by students until permission is given by the teacher(s) in charge.
    • Students are not permitted in locker rooms without the permission from the teacher.
    • Students are limited to 5 minutes in the locker room. That is the time to change clothes and use the restroom facilities.
    • Students are required to dress in appropriate attire consisting of a T-shirt, athletic shorts or pants and sneakers (Tank tops, cut offs, and jeans are not permitted).
    • After changing clothes, students are to walk around the gymnasium while the teacher takes attendance. This is the time to read the target to know the topic of the day or to answer questions on the white-board.    
    • Students are to show an honest effort (level 3 or 4 intensity) in all warm-ups and activities.
    • If there is a lecture, students are to listen attentively and not be a disruption.
    • If you see or hear something that does not look or sound safe please be sure to bring it to your teachers’ attention.
    • If you have a question about something please ask your teacher.
    • Students are not allowed to leave the class, gym or locker room areas without permission from their teacher.



    • Students who arrive late to class must have a pass for why they are tardy. If the student does not have a valid reason for being late, a detention will be issued.
    • Students are allotted a maximum of 5 minutes in the locker room to change and will be marked late if he/she exceeds the time limit. After being late three times, a detention will be issued.
    • Students who are illegally absent from class will lose all points and these points are unable to be made up.  Disciplinary action may also take place.


    • Any injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during the class period so the proper action can be taken.
    • A parent’s note is required in order to modify or restrict a student’s activity. A parent note is good for one class. Anything requiring modification beyond one class requires a doctor’s note and needs to be on record with the nurse. Medical notes should be handed to the school nurse prior to class. 


    • Students are not permitted in the locker rooms during the school day except when changing for their Physical Education class.
    • There is to be no running, cursing, fighting, and throwing of any objects, or misbehaving in the locker room.
    • Valuables should NOT be kept in gym lockers.


    • Grades are based on the Preparation/Participation Rubric
    • Written assignments and tests: point value dependent on assignment.
    • FLASH class: the curriculmn provides written assignments and tasks.
    • Fitness Test-Fitness gram is a fitness assessment and reporting program for youth.  The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that assess aerobic capacity; muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility; and body composition. Scores from these assessments are compared to Healthy Fitness Zone standards to determine students' overall physical fitness and suggest areas for improvement when appropriate.  Students get credit for completing the pretest. They are then graded on improving those scores for the post test.  Scores can be accessed through www.focusedfitness.org Log in to access personal scores.  Username: ID #, Password: last name as seen on infinite campus (no caps).
    • Learn to Swim: Individual skill level is built upon.  The Preparation/Participation rubric is doubled on possible points.

    Miss Sitek’s Wellness/Fitness preparation/Participation Rubric

    0 points

    1 point

    2 points

    3 points


    5 points

    Student does not dress for class.


    Student is removed from class because of disciplinary problems.


    Student cut class



    Student is appropriately dressed, but does not fully participate in class, follow teacher directions and is a behavior problem.  

    Student is appropriately dressed and actively engaged in less than 50% of the period.


    Student demonstrates limited effort in activities, exhibits a poor attitude, or is disrespectful of peers and self.


    Student does not follow teacher directions and requires multiple prompts to stay on task.


    Student is appropriately dressed and actively engaged in 50-60% of the period.


    Student demonstrates limited effort in activities, exhibits a positive attitude, and is respectful of peers and self.


    Student follows most teacher directions the second time asked.



    Student is appropriately dressed and actively engaged in 70-80% of the period.


    Student demonstrates effort in activities, exhibits a positive attitude, and is respectful of peers and self.



    Student follows most teacher directions the first time asked.


    Student is appropriately dressed and actively engaged the entire (90-100%) period.


    Student demonstrates maximal effort in activities, and always exhibits a positive attitude and is respectful of peers and self.



    • Points that need made-up or test retakes are held every Wednesday (8:10-8:40)