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               Yearbook Syllabus 2013-2014  

                                                                                                                         Mrs. Jennifer Ditrich, adviser

    mrsditrich@gmail.com (preferred) or jditrich@eriesd.org  

       814-874-6300 ext. 2030


     Course Expectations

    Yearbook is a one period course that will involve students in the original school-based business, the yearbook.  Students will be involved in public relations, financial management, planning, designing, and delivery of the 2014 Yearbook.  It is the job of the yearbook staff to cover historical moments on an annual basis and report these moments through copy, captions, headlines, photographs, artwork, and design.  Staff will not merely copy what they have seen in other books, but will create a publication that is unique to the 2013-2014 year.  They will strive to be imaginative and creative while maintaining the basics of sound journalistic principles. Because Yearbook is both a class and a club, it requires a considerable amount of work to be done outside of class time. From time to time you will be required to stay after school to work on the yearbook spreads and assist students who may be falling behind.


     Course Objectives

     Students enrolled in this course will be able to: 

    ·         Develop layouts that are reflective of current trends.

    ·        Design/produce complete spreads on the computer using Yeartech Online.  

    ·         Meet deadlines completely and correctly. 

    ·         Develop compositional techniques in photography, and use digital imaging software effectively. 

    ·         Use journalistic style to write copy, captions, and headlines.

    ·        Develop interpersonal skills as they learn to work together as a team.

    ·        Understand how a yearbook theme maintains consistency and flow within the yearbook.

    ·        Organize photo opportunities for students, school clubs and organizations.

     Expectations of Yearbook Staff Members

     ·        Being a member of a publication staff is a privilege that requires a great deal of responsibility. Staff members will meet the following expectations:

     ·        Staff members are expected to follow all school rules and policies at all times and will demonstrate responsible conduct in all classes and school events.

     ·        Staff members are expected to meet all deadlines (small or large) completely and correctly.

     ·        Staff members are expected to demonstrate positive and cooperative attitudes toward the adviser, fellow staffers and others in the school/community. This includes demonstrating a willingness to do more than just what is required of them.

     ·        Staff members are expected to safely and correctly handle all equipment and materials associated with the publication process (cameras, pictures, computers, ads, scanners, etc.) Staff members will be held responsible for any damage due to improper or careless use of equipment.

     ·        Staff members are expected to take care of the classroom. All materials should be put away at the end of the class period.

     ·        Staff members must often work before and/or after school to cover events and meet deadlines.

     Daily Schedule

     ·        Each day we will begin with a round table discussion and/or partner meetings. All students are expected to be seated by the beginning of class. No one is to log on to a computer until after the meeting has finished. *Note: Yearbook Staff members have the ability to come and go from my room anytime in order to work on the Staff computers, as long as they have signed permission from their other teachers. Yearbook Staff members are encouraged to work on yearbook pages during their lunches or after school.

      Grade Distribution

     Your grade is based on your page spreads and participation. Layouts will be evaluated based on photographs (are they present? appropriate?), development of story, deadline (either you meet it or you don’t), and captions. You will also receive a production grade based on effort, quality, and professionalism. Grades are calculated on a point basis.

     Spreads: Spreads will be assigned at the beginning of the year. Missing a deadline is extremely costly for the yearbook and will severely hurt your grade.

     o  Spread Completion 50% 


    • § Each draft spread is worth 50 points. Drafts will be evaluated on: quality of photographs, adherence to theme concept, spelling & grammar,  adherence to    section guidelines, and timeliness. Drafts are due at the beginning of class on the due date and must be printed out and stapled    together along with a draft editing checklist. Late drafts will receive a 50% automatic deduction. Spread partners will receive equal  grades.
    • Each final spread is worth 100 points and will be graded on the above stated parameters. In addition, 5 points will be deducted for every mistake found on a final spread. Because our yearbook is directly tied to specific deadlines set by our publisher, any spread that fails to meet deadline will only be eligible for half credit. Any spread that is not complete by the second class after deadline will receive zero credit. Spread partners will receive equal grades.
    • Participation: Production of the yearbook is a team effort. Without everyone’s participation, we will not be able to turn out a quality book on time.



     o  In-class Participation   25%

    •   Partners will complete a “Plan of Action” worksheet every two weeks. This worksheet will detail what priorities partners will work on                      during that time frame. Completion of the worksheet and a follow up meeting with the editor-in-chief will count for 25 points. The                            editor- in- chief will determine how much of the plan was accomplished and will assign a completion grade. 
    •  Attendance is worth 5 points per class period. To receive full credit, a student must be actively working on the yearbook. Working on                          anything else will result in a deduction of points. Students may stay after school for an hour to make up for points lost due to absences or                      other reasons. Because production deadlines do not change due to student absences, students are responsible for meeting all                     deadlines even if they are absent. If a staff member knows in advance that he/she will be absent on a deadline day, he/she will need to                      make arrangements to turn work in early.

     o  Out-of-Class Participation     

    •  § A minimum of 3 out-of-class events per quarter are required for full credit. Each event is worth 50 points. This includes attending                             out- of- school functions such as sporting events, plays, concerts, etc. for the purpose of taking photos for the yearbook. A minimum of 10                   yearbook-worthy photos of the event must be turned in in order to receive full credit. Consult the yearbook calendar to sign up for events                   as they are limited to 2 students per event.

     Materials Required


     ·        Notebook & folder or binder

     ·        Pens, pencils, highlighters

     ·        A personal digital camera and/or laptop are highly recommended but not required. Cameras may be signed out on a first come, first served basis. See the editor-in-chief to sign out a camera for up to 24 hrs.