•  Cyber Enrollment Procedures

    1. Current Student:
    -Cyber Application can be obtained at the student's home school. A school administrator will review the application for cyber admittance.
        New Student:
    -Students 16 and under: must register with Child Accounting, 148 West 21st Street. Obtain cyber application at their home school, Strong Vincent or East. Attendance is mandatory until official notification of cyber application and enrollment packet. 
    2. Approved application will be forwarded to the Coordinator of Alternative Programming for further review. If application is denied, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss alternative options.
    3. Student and parent/guardian will meet with Cyber Services for orientation/program overview.
    4. Student will initially be enrolled on a probationary basis. The student will be given a limited number of courses with specific deadlines to meet. FAILURE TO MEET THE PROBATIONARY REQUIREMENTS MAY RESULT IN BEING TERMINATED FROM CYBER SERVICES AND RETURNED TO HIS/HER HOME SCHOOL.
    Cyber enrollment will take about two weeks.
    Students with an IEP may take longer; an IEP meeting must take place prior to approval. 



    Rules and Requirements

    1.The student is required to adhere to all of the School District of the City of Erie policies as set forth in the Student Handbook. Academic integrity is essential.


    a. Students are required to log on and complete coursework for a minimum average of 25 hours per week.

    b. Each school week without the required log in time/course work completion will be counted as illegal/unexcused absence(s).

    c. Absences may be excused with a written note or phone call to the attendance office by the parent only. Documentation is required. Attendance rules as set forth by the School District of the City of Erie apply regarding illegal absence (under age 17) and unexcused absences (over age 17).

    d. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Compulsory School Laws will be strictly enforced. Students who are of compulsory attendance age will be subject to notices and fines.

    3. Academic progress must be maintained. A student should complete approximately one semester course per month in order to remain on pace for a seven (7) credit school year.

    4. Student communication with the mentor teacher is required a minimum of three times per week, per course, via live chat, email, or message board.

    5  Parents/guardian have a log-in to Advanced Academics to check their son/daughters progress on a daily basis and can communicate with the teachers to keep the student on track.

    Violation of any of the rules and requirements of the Full Time Cyber Program may result in the immediate withdrawal of the student from the program. Removal from the program is at the discretion of the Cyber Program Team.

    For additional information, contact your home school.