• LSS/AS High School Science

    Subject: Science
    Grade: High School 
    Timeline: Semester
    Unit Title: Nutrition

    Unit Overview: 
    During this unit students will be able to identify nutrition. They will explore  healthy and unhealthy eating as they plan meals.  They will learn about the digestive system and how food affects our bodies.

    Unit Objectives:

    Scale, Proportion, and Quantity

    The significance of a phenomenon is dependent on the scale, proportion, and quantity at which it occurs. 

    Energy and Matter                                                                                                                                                     
    Energy drives the cycling of matter within and between systems. 

    Stability and Change                                                                                                                                                 Much of science deals with constructing explanations of how things change and how they remain stable.

    Cause and Effect                                                                                                                                                Empirical evidence is required to differentiate between cause and correlation and make claims about specific causes and effects.
    Systems and Models
    When investigating or describing a system, the boundaries and initial conditions of the system need to be defined and their inputs and outputs analyzed and described using models.

    Structure and Function         
    The function and properties of natural and designed objects and systems can be inferred from their overall structure, the way their components are shaped and used, and the molecular substructures of its various materials.

    Concepts - Students will know:
    • food guide plate
    • nutrients
    • portion control
    • how to read labels
    • healthy eating habits
    • about health related problems
    • how to plan a menu
    • how to generate a shopping list
    • how to locate and purchase items within a store
    • how to prepare a healthy meal
    • the function of digestive system

    Competencies - Students will be able to:


    • identify  grains, proteins, fruit, vegetables, and dairy
    • identify daily recommended allowance for each category
    • identify foods that contain  carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, sugar and water
    • determine the appropriate portion for a healthy diet
    • identify fats, calories and sugars in a portion
    • be able to distinguish between healthy and non-healthy food choices
    • identify health problems caused by unhealthy eating habits (diabetes, obesity, malnutrition, dental problems etc.)
    • identify the main function for each food group
    • create a menu according to food guide plate
    • create a shopping list from planned menu
    • locate and purchase items from shopping list in store
    • use menu and prepare menu
    • identify the functions of how digestive system works


    • Pre-Assessment
    • Notebook Entries
    • Whole Group and Small Group Discussion
    • Teacher Observation
    • Record Sheets
    • Scientific Drawings
    • Building Models
    • Graphing
    • Interpreting Data
    • Student Self Assessment
    • Formative Assessment Probes
    • Performance Assessments
    • Notebook Entries
    • Post-Assessment

    Elements of Instruction:
    Developing and Using Models
    • Develop a model to describe phenomena.

    Analyzing and Interpreting Data 

    • Analyze and interpret data to make sense of phenomena using logical reasoning.

    • word walls and flip charts
    • structured notebooks
    • differentiated grouping
    • learning center
    • whole group discussions 

    Interdisciplinary Connections:
    Language Arts:
    • Science/Literacy kit (informational text)
    • measure, record, and graph
    • identify parts of a graph and interpret data
    • interpret data from selected graphs
    • art projects
    • collages

    Additional Resources / Games:
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