• High School Mathematics Algebra I Part I Unit 3

    Subject: Mathematics
    Course: Algebra I Part I
    Timeline: Days
    Unit 3 Title: Compound Inequalities

    Unit Overview: 
    This unit will require students to evaluate patterns to write equations, and write and solve one-step and multi-step equations and inequalities given a problem context or a model. Inequalities will be graphed on a number line.  
    This unit will also require students to determine if an equation is always, sometimes, or never true. The concept of solving multi-step equations is expanded to include literal equations and formulas, many of which are based on science topics. Students are expected to compare and contrast solution methods for a variety of different problem types and communicate their mathematical thinking verbally and in writing. 

    Unit Objectives:
    By the end of Unit 3, all students will be able to:
    • write and solve compound inequalities;
    • write and solve absolute value inequalities;
    • graph the solution sets of compound and absolute value inequalities on a number line;
    • interpret solutions to compound and absolute value inequalities in the context of the problem situation.
    • manipulate and solve literal equations and formulas.

    Focus Standards:
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Write, solve, and/or apply a linear equation (including problem situations).
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Identify or graph the solution set to a linear inequality on a number line.
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Interpret solutions to the problem in the context of the problem situation (linear inequalities only).

    Mathematical Practice Standards:
    #2 Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
    #3 Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
    #4 Model with mathematics.
    #6 Attend to precision.
    #7 Look for and make use of structure.

    • Formative Assessments within Lessons
    • Unit 3 Assessment 

    This unit has accommodation suggestions included throughout.