• Welcome to Ms. Kuhar's Page!
    Name: Ms. J. Kuhar     8th grade ELA  Faculty Manager 
    School: Woodrow Wilson Middle School  
    Room #: 216                                                                
    The best way to contact me is through my email:
     For the SUMMER:
    Time for LDC's! Read as much as you can! Don't limit yourself to novels. On-line articles and magazines are great too!
    Continue Membean for your vocabulary practice. 

    Username: firstname_lastname_wme     Password: Lunch#

    For IXL practice, continue your 8th grade skills, but also continue your diagnostic at your level.

    IXL Login:     Username: firstnamelastname (i.e. jerrysmith)         Password: Lunch#

    ALSO, you can now access science and social studies on IXL! This is awesome!

    Keep working! All of these ELA skills will help you in high school! If something is a little too hard, drop down a grade or two for additional practice. Remember to read things you enjoy for fun! I miss you! 
    As always.... Be kind. Say nice things. Be a good friend. Make the world a better place. Have a great summer!

    If you need technology assistance from the district, this information will help!

    IT's Number: 874-6801

    Class Rules

    1.Respect yourself and others

    2.Be on time and prepared

    3.Be on task

    4. Work hard


    My class:

    • English Language Arts class is designed to help students improve their literacy skills in order to succeed in all areas of the curriculum, on the PSSA test, and in the real world.
    • Office 365 to complete and submit much of their work
    • Morning Boards/Bell Wok

      Assigned on Monday; due on Friday. Students work on them independently whenever they have time during class and Tutorial; may use Internet, textbooks and Resource Folders.

    • Membean https://membean.com/login 

      Membean Usage 

                    (M/W/F--Graded every 2 weeks) 

      • Time Goal: 3 days per week

                                   —15 minutes/day 

      • Accuracy Goal 

      Membean Test/Quiz Category (100 Points, every 3 weeks) 

    • IXL practice https://www.ixl.com/ela/grade-8

    Special Help Night is Monday.


    SSRStudents read 15 minutes each night and write brief summary.  Completed summaries are scored weekly.  Weekly summary sheet is due each week by Monday at the beginning of class.   25 points per week (5 per summary)



    Discipline/Behavior problems:



    3.Teacher detention

    4.Office Referral