• Welcome to my page!
    Name:Ms. Heasley
    School: Perry Elementary
    School Phone: 874-6485
    Room #: 212
    Classes: Second Grade
    Welcome Message:  Hello!  I am so glad that your are visiting my webpage. Second grade is a fantastic year to make the transition from early childhood to becoming a more responsible, independent individual. 

    We have restructured the curriculum with the alignment of the Common Core standards.  That means, we are teaching content for mastery of skills.  These skills can be located on the Erie School District website in the academics section.  In reading, we are becoming fluent readers of text.  Students are emerged in sight words and phonics for decoding and will increase their ability to read grade level text with practice in school and at home.  Writing is graded also this year and will be scored with a rubric type of assessment.  We are focusing on personal narrative writing and sequencing of directions and events.  Children will grow with their content as we discuss the importance of complete sentences, nouns, adjectives, verbs and sequential words.  In math, we are becoming fluent with math facts of 0-20.  Children will be practicing, daily, their basic math facts and sense of ten. The Common Core stresses the importance of mastery of skills and application.  We will be experiencing problem solving strategies that can relate to everyday life.