• muscular strength Welcome to Colonel Health, and Wellness!
    Name:  Robert Dixon   
    School: Strong Vincent Middle School   
    Room #:  Gym
    Welcome Message:  Hello, and welcome to Strong Vincent physical education.  Due to the current health crisis, the expectations for the students enrolled in my class are to log their physical activity for at least 60 minutes or more for at least three times per week.  To do this, the students may go to www.focusedfitness.org and access their personal account.   Their username is their student nmber, their last name as it appears in Infinite Campus is their password.  Under open assignments there will be a box named behavior log.  Click on it to record your activity for the time period indicated.  Record what activities your doing, along with what component of fitness your doing(7th and 8th grades, 6th if you know), what level of intensity, and how long you did the activity.  You may make more than one entry per day and the total time for activity should sixty minutes.  Activities should be done no less than three times per week.  Remember to save your entry.  This will allow me to follow your daily routine on-line, and track you for your PE grade. More information regarding the class and its regular operation can be found under the  section labeled PE sylabus.  Should any questions that you may have come up, please feel free to contact me through my e-mail account at rdixon@eriesd.org,  by phone at (814)874-3093 or through our twitter account @SVColonelPE2, please feel free to follow us.