• Welcome to ESL!! Welcome to my page!
    Name:Mr. Veres
    School:Jefferson El
    School Phone:814-874-6650
    Room #:200
    Welcome Message:
     Hello Jefferson and Perry ELL families! Welcome to my Esl page.  I have had the pleasure of working with your child
    this year and can tell you that I miss them and hope everyone stays healthy and calm during this time.  This year we have introduced new reading and math programs, as I'm sure you probably have heard your children talking about. We have learned new ways to do math and expand our mathematical knowledge.  In reading we have discussed everything from ancient civilizations, world religions, tall tales and fables to Greek mythology.  In light of the current events that have effected our entire cummunity and schools, we are moving to online instruction. While we realize that this will not be the same as face to face instruction, we want your child
    to do the best they can and continue to exercise their minds to the best of their abilities.  Starting Monday March 23rd, have your child work on The provided Amplify reading and I Ready Math websites.  Each site should be utilized for at least 45 minutes daily. Remind students that their teachers can and will be viewing their daily progress.  I have also provided a number of other interactive educational websites that your child can also use.  To name a few:
    1. abcya.com
    2. funbrain.com
    4. cool math
    5. story online
    6. National geographic
    *These are just a few of the sites the kids can visit to keep there brains active during this time.  Follow and click on the provided links to acces the sites. 

    *** I also encourage you to have your children read 15-20 minutes per day!  Have them pick out a book that they are highly interested in!