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    Name:Mr. DeSanti

    School:Perry Elementary School

    School Phone:814-874-6485

    Room #:204

    Classes:All Subjects

    Welcome Message: Please visit this page often for any new updates.
     Students and Parents: Welcome to a New School Year!
    I can be reached at tdesanti@eriesd.org.
    On line learning - Daily Schedule

    8:00-8:45 Specials

    8:45-9:00 Break/Bathroom

    9:00 Log onto Schoology Zoom with Mr. DeSanti

    11:30-12:30 Lunch

    12:30 Log back on to Zoom

    1:00 Amplify - Reading

    1:30 I-Ready - Math

    2:00 Log back on to Schoology Zoom only if you have a question for Mr. DeSanti.



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