Email Mr. Weiss: jweiss@eriesd.org


    Item What we have What we need
    Cases of water 15 ~40 cases
    Cans of pop 200 1000
    Hamburgers 120 300
    Hot Dogs 300 0
    Hamburger buns 300 300
    Hot dog buns 300 0
    Snacks a bunch as many as we can get!
    Side dishes
    0 fruit salad
    1 potato salad
    0 macaroni salad
    2 pasta salads 


    Wednesday, May 23
    Senior Days is less than a week away! Thank you to all the parents who have generously donated food for the event!
    If you will still like to donate, please email Mr. Weiss. We're still looking for hamburger patties, snacks, water, and pop. If you don't want to shop, you can simply make a cash donation — that helps with the cost of pizza and with other expenses that arise that day.
    There are also some miscellaneous items that we need: charcoal for the grill, s'mores supplies, and paper products. 
    Thank you!