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    Mrs. Nolan
    Speech-Language Pathologist
             Please find some enrichment activities under the Class Resources tab. Stay safe and healthy!
    Welcome to my page.  I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that loves to learn and enjoys watching my students learn as well!  In speech-language theapy sessions, individual students have their own set of skills and goals that they are working on to improve their communication skills.  I like to use literacy as a springboard for developing vocabulary, grammar, auditory comprehension and sound development.  You can find some practice tasks and ideas to improve your speech and language skills under the Classrooom Material tab.  Thanks for visiting my page!
     Mrs. J Nolan MEd., MS CCC/slp
    School Phone: 814-874-6785 or 814-874-6600
    Office Hours Via Email:  M-F 11:30 am-12:30 pm & 2:10 pm-3:10 pm
    Classes: Speech-Language Pathology
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