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     eat 5 a day
    Mrs. Maria Smith, Family and Consumer Science
    School: Strong Vincent High School
    School Phone: 874-6500
    Room #:227
    Email me at msmith@eriesd.org
    Welcome Message: Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.  I am looking forward to a great year.
     My schedule for first semester is:
    Planning period
    Block 2--7th grade FCS
    Block 3--8th grade FCS
    Block 4--Integrated FCS
    Block 5--6th grade FCS
    Since we should be cooking, I will put some cooking videos and articles up for you to read and go over.
    Check out the enrichment activites.  Video or  take a picture ofanything you create in the kitchen or that you sew, craft or repair.  I would love to see them.
    I miss all of you and hope to see you soon>
    Here are the Enrichment activities that I would like you to do.  
    You tube has some great cooking programs.  Some are only about 10 minutes long. 
    1. www.cookinggames.com    This is a free website with many games and activities to help you with cooking, measuring and nutrition.
    2. check out some of my favorite cooking shows on the web.
    -www.foodnetwork.com  has my favorite cooks dishing up great food.  You may want to check out  Unwrapped, Ina Garten, Pioneer Woman, Guy Fieri, Arqa's heghineh cooking show, kids cooking competition.  Many of these are also on Youtube.  Try some of the recipes that are 5 ingredients or less.
    3. Find an easy recipe or 2 and make it for your family.  Remember though---you have to also clean up the mess.
    Additional places to check out--
    --go to the WHO website and check out the new handwashing video.  It is now more extensive than what I taught you in class.
    ---check out Americandairy.com to see and do some fun farm activities.
    ---ALTON BROWN has some awesome videos, he shows exactly how food is made and the scientific components of food.
    The Nutrition action Newsletter website has great articles and recipes.
    I have been cooking, cleaning and baking in between my school work.  Today I made potroast in my crockpot.  It made my house smell so good.  I also made Amish cinnamon bread and I used up some of my bananas and made banana bread.  I put one in the freezer for Mrs. G.  It's her favorite!!
    This would be a great time for all of you to clean out your winter clothes and get rid of stuff that you don't want.  Then, once your closet and drawers are clean, you can put your summer clothes away.  Check all the sizes and make sure they fit.  If not, do what my daughter and I did, we made bags of things to donate.  We also sorted some to give to her cousin who could fit them.  Use this time to get organized.  Your parents would love for you to clean your room, help them organize closets and get rid of things you no longer use.
    Sewing:  If you don't have the supplies, don't worry.  Maybe just watch the videos.  For the 7th and 8th graders, you know how to hand sew already.  Now is a great time to sew buttons back on, fix tears and holes in your hoodies and sweaters, hem those pants that are too long.  Ask your parents if they need anything sewn.  They would love this!!!!
    We were suppoded to be learning how to handsew.  I found some tutorials on youtube that are really good.  You will need a few things before you watch.  You need thread, a needle, a piece of fabris (not real big), scissors.
    The first video is on Youtube  How to tie a knot for hand sewing---Stitch my stylewww.youtube.  After you learn that there are several tutorials that are very good.  Stay on Youtube and look at Learn how to sew by hand:6 basic hand stitches-homedit, Backstitch-How to backstitch:easy handstitching for strong seams-treasurie,  Nutty crafter.
    If you go to youtube and type in Beginning Sewing, many really good shows come up.  Try to do some of the stitches.  They are easier than you think.  Look for a button tutorial. I would have shown you how to sew on a 2 hole button and a 4 hole button.
    If you already were taught how to do the laundry (7th and *th grade),  I want you to help out and do some laundry for your family!  This is a good way to practice, and also show your family that you are capable.
    If you like to read:  Here are some articles that I found that you can read online .    Google the following: top 10 jobs for 2024, tweentribune.com, teenkidsnews, teen time magazine.com, health.usnews.com, aboutkids health, healthy eating, healthychildren.org
    Choose an article, read and summarize it.  Send me the summary at msmith@eriesd.org
    If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email me.  msmith@eriesd.org.  
    I will be checking my emails often.
    I miss all of you and can't wait to get back to school.