• Welcome to my page!
    Name:  Ms. Hammer
    School:  Harding
    School Phone:  874-6550
    Room #:
    Welcome Message:  Hello Harding Families! I am the Speech/Language Therapist at Harding Elementary. I work with your students in K-5th grade.
    Hello everyone!  Hope all of my students and families are staying safe and healthy!  Please do whatever you can to try to practice your Speech Articulation and Language skills at home.  Please try the weblink that I posted. I will try to post more as I come across them. Pinterest also has some really great ideas if you have access!
    If you child's IEP is coming due, I will be trying to contact you to have a phone conference. You may email me at
     to reach out with a new phone number or your email.
    Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing the boys and girls soon...