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    Name: Michael Grande, MA CCC-SLP
    School: Grover Cleveland
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    For information regarding your specific child's speech targets, please email me at mgrande@eriesd.org. Due to the nature of current medical laws, I am unable to disclose my caseload names and their individual targets on this site. Listed below are a few links that will help with materials as you work on speech targets at home. I will be updating this page over the next few weeks so please stay tuned. Thanks!
    *Recently Added: Multiple links in the "Additional Resources" document under the Class Resources tab. This document is loaded with websites and activities to keep kids engaged and busy, including worksheets and videos they can watch. Thanks Linda!
    *More materials have been added to the Class Resources tab. Printable worksheets for Articulation, Language, and Listening/Following Directions have been uploaded. Please browse the appropriate sections and print materials suited to your child. As always, email me at mgrande@eriesd.org with questions and/or requests for guidance. Thanks!


    *This link will take you to the articulation section of Speaking of Speech, a website with a wealth of materials for a number of speech targets. You can filter by specific speech sounds via the “Sub-Categories” drop down menu on the upper right of the page and also search for other categories (non-articulation related) from the drop down immediately to the left.



    *These open-ended questions are great for monitoring your child’s speech, including articulation, syntax (word order), grammar, and fluency (stuttering). Ask a few questions and listen for your child’s speech target in their responses. They will be more apt to speak conversationally at first, revealing the errors. Once it is established that you are monitoring for errors and practicing speech, continue the activity and give prompts and/or cues to correct the errors when they present themselves.