• Welcome to Ms. Branton's Science Class
    7th Grade Science

    Scientist looking through a microscope.


    Organisms: Macro to Micro

    Text books – Holt: Life Science, Carolina Biological: Organisms: Macro to Micro

    The Life Science topics that are covered are reproductive biology and life cycles, cell division, plant reproduction, population dynamics, specific ecosystems and the interactions within, food webs and energy pyramids, natural selection, introduction to genetics, and exploration of microscopic organisms.  


    Energy, Force, and Motion
                                                                               Text books – Holt: Physical Science, Carolina Biological: Experimenting with Force and Motion

                   The Physical  Science unit consists of the study of energy and the different forms it can take, how forces do work to change energy from one form to another, how machines reduce the effort force needed to do work, and how forces change the motion of objects.

    Classroom Rules and Expectations:


    1. Always come to class on time, prepared to work, with all necessary materials.


    1. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS the first time.


    1. Remain silent while the teacher or a classmate is speaking. Showing RESPECT to others earns you respect.


    1. Take care of your classroom. Clean your work area and return all equipment.


    1. Always adhere to the laboratory safety guidelines.


    Violation of these rules will result in a consequence as directed in the Woodrow Wilson student handbook.





    Required Materials (to be brought to class everyday):


    • Pencil and/or Pen
    • 1-1/2” Binder for work, loose leaf paper or notebook


    Your name should be written clearly on the front of the binder, along with “Science” and "Ms. Branton”, so that if it gets lost it will be returned to my room.


    As a parent/guardian, you have the ability to check every day what your child was targeted to learn in science class. Please ask to see their learning on a regular basis!





    Responsibility for missed works lays with the student, not the teacher. If you have missed any assignments, it is your responsibility to come to me for the work. Extra help is available afterschool from 2:55 – 3:10.


    Late Work


    If assignments are turned in later than their assigned due date, half credit will be taken from the assignment. This includes missed deadlines because of unexcused absences. If an absence is excused, the student will receive full credit.




    Students will have tests, quizzes, classwork, lab work and homework. Homework will be no more than 10% of their grade.