• Peer Mediation


    Peer Mediation is both a program and a process
    where students of the same age-group facilitate resolving disputes between two people or small groups. This process has proven effective in schools around the United States, changing the way students understand and resolve conflict in their lives. Changes include improved self-esteem, listening and critical thinking skills, and school climate for learning, as well as reduced disciplinary actions and less fights. These skills are transferable outside of the classroom.

    The process is voluntary for both sides.
    Peer mediators do not "make decisions" but rather work towards a win-win resolution for both sides in order to avoid further trouble. Administrators in charge of discipline incorporate this conflict resolution process into their strategies as well.

    Types of problems include

    § Social media improprieties

    § Relationship difficulties/harassment

    § Rumor and gossip

    § Cheating and stealing

    § Racial and cultural confrontations

    § Vandalism

    § Classroom or extracurricular disputes

    § Bullying, minor assaults, and fighting



    The Peer Mediation program has been at Wilson Middle School since 2007.  The program has a 98 % success rate.  Mr. Lofton (coordinator) trains qualified students for the program each year.   Most Peer Mediation programs consists of 12-15 students, however due to Wilson’s increasing enrollment, this number has elevated to 27 students at one time.  The coordinator meets with the students once a month to practice role plays and to discuss mediations that have been completed.  Last year the Peer Mediators conducted over 50 mediations which kept over 100 students from getting detentions or suspensions. So far in the 2014-15 school year, the Peer Mediators have conducted over 57 mediations with a 100% success rate.