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    Welcome to my page!
    Name: Dina Biscotti-Barnes
    School Phone: 440-874-6685
    Room #:gymnasium
    Classes:k-5 p.e/wellness
    Welcome Message:
    Greetings to the students and families of Perry Elementary and Lincoln Elementary! It is a true joy to work with the 1100 students at both schools teaching my passion of health, fitness and wellness to your children.  I have taught at nine schools in the Erie District for seventeen years.  Our health and physical education department has become true leaders in quality physical education programs and curriculum and I am truly proud to be a team member.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  Look forward to outstanding, healthy, fun days ahead!
    Greetings Lincoln and Perry Families!  I have included activity calendars and a mindfulness calendar for not only our students but for all family well-being as well.  Feel free to join your child in their Health and Physical Education daily assignments! 
    SHAPE America recommends...
    60 minutes up to a few hours of physical activity each day!  Find a balance between moving your body and resting your body.
    Students- Show your families how our PE class is done!  
    Stretching-do our routine-touch toes, arms behind back, neck rolls, shoulder rolls, wrist rolls, ankle rolls, arm circles, twist torso, criss-cross arms
    Yoga-show family some of our favorite poses-triangle, warrior, tree, chair, superman!, bridge
    Cardio-do our running drills in the house if there is space or yard!  slide, kick feet, knees up, kerrioke, run, bottom-kickers!
    Play our games with family-peanuts, pretzel, popcorn, all tag games, freeze tag, sharks and minnows, germ tag! All sports! 
    Make up new games and teach me when we return.  I'll use some in class!
    Remember our mindfulness and meditation that we have used over the years.
    Breathe.  Quiet your mind.  Read positive books and messages.  Have fun.  Do your art and music assignments, as we all work together to keep your mental health happy!  Live in the moment. Think positive. Dream big!
    Feel free to reach out any time for support or questions. 
    I have included some great links in the web resources section for family that our Principal and Counselor have included for support.
    Ms. Cookie, as the kids call me, is here to remind you to keep your mind healthy and your body healthy.  
    Eat well.  Please take advantage of healthy school meals being offered daily.  Let me know if you need anything.  Peace and love! BE WELL!