• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Cheryl Melerski (cmelerski@eriesd.org)
    School: Jefferson
    School Phone: 874-6750
    Room:  #113
    Classes: Kindergarten
    Welcome Message:
     Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am so happy to have your child in my classroom. We currently have 23 students.
     We are on a 4 day rotation.   Day 1    Music
                                               Day 2    Gym
                                               Day3     Library
                                               Day 4    Art
    These are important websites for your child to work on:
    I-Ready Math:
    Amplify Reading
    Also: PBS kids, Starfall, StoryOnline, ABCYa,Scholastic.com/learnathome
    Good Morning Class:  I miss you all so much and hope that you and your families are doing well!  I am happy to see that some of you are working on the websites that I gave you. Please try to do this everyday!  I know that you can work on the paper packets that you were given.  Everything you do will help.  I know it is hard, but we will get through this. Stay healthy, Happy and Safe!  Ms. M
    We dismiss daily at the back door near the playground at 2:25 pm. 
    I wanted to let you know about some things you can work on with your child if our school would have to close temporarily.
    As you know, letter naming, letter sounds, blending sounds to make words, reading, rhyming words are all important.
    Also, number recognition 0-20 , counting, and addition/subtraction should be practiced.With our new curriculum, I am going to give you the links to the websites so that you can use them if you have access, plus a few others.  Please contact me at cmelerski@eriesd.org if you have any questions.  Please stay positive and healthy. We will get through this together! For those of you whose children were not in school 3/13/2020, there are paper packets available at school for you to pick up.