• High School Diploma  
    High School Diploma Program 

    Erie’s Public Schools and the Northwest Tri­-County Intermediate Unit 5’s Adult Education and Career Readiness Program are partnering to build a trained workforce. Erie's Public Schools High School Diploma program only accepts students who are in need of 4 Credits or less to graduate. All others should contact the Northwest Tr-County Intermediate Unit 5 at 734-5610 x7095.


    ●    Choose a Tech After Hours career pathway in Auto Mechanics, Construction Trades, 
           Culinary, Machine Technologies, Patient Care Assistant, and Welding Technology. 
    ●    Complete the Tech After Hours application.
    ●    Meet with a Tech After Hours Admissions Counselor to determine academic needs
    ●    Schedule and start classes to earn an Erie’s Public Schools diploma and then train for a high demand career!


    Students may begin training in the Tech After Hours program once they have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency. With the assistance of the Tech After Hours Admissions Counselor, students will choose a career pathway:

    Students who are a few credits away from earning a diploma may take online classes to complete graduation requirements while training for an in­-demand career.

    Credit Requirements for Graduation:
     English    4 Credits
     Math    4 Credits
     Social Studies 3.5 Credits
     Science 3 Credits
     Health       1 Credit
     Electives 6.5 Credits
    Students who have already earned a High School Diploma will receive academic support from IU5’s Adult Education and Career Readiness Program’s certified instructors.
    If a student earns their GED through the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5's Adult Education program and then goes on to Tech After Hours, we will issue the student an Erie’s Public Schools diploma.
    All academic support services provided by the Northwest Tri­-County Intermediate Unit 5 Adult Education program are free to qualified students. They are authorized by Title II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the Pennsylvania Adult and Family Literacy Education Act 143.

    They are funded through grants from the US Department of Education (AEFLA) and the PA Department of Education (ABLE).

    The High School Diploma Program will be integrated into the program with a partnership with the Intermediate Unit 5 (IU5) offering academic courses and pre-testing for proper placement.  Machining, welding, medical math and literacy will be incorporated into the training program all located at Central Career and Technical School. Erie’s Public Schools will be able to issue high school diplomas to any individual completing our graduation requirements.

     The Adult Education Online Campus Program is an option offered to City of Erie residents who need to complete a program of study. Several programs are offered:
    • Preparation for a General Education Development testing program (GED)
    • U.S. citizenship courses 
    • Adult high school completion courses
    • Courses necessary for employment
    • Enrichment courses
     Most services in the GED and High School Diploma program are covered under a grant.

    • Qualifying for adult programs may cover fees.
    • $65.00 per on-line credit recovery semester course for City of Erie residents (proof of residency required)
    • $150.00 per semester course for non-City of Erie residents

    * 50% discount for Erie City Senior citizens (with Medicare card)

    No Refunds.

    Most services in the GED/HS Diploma program are free as support by the grant. The School District of the City of Erie Board of Education established the Online Campus Program and reserves the right to deny admission to the program if it does not serve the best educational interests of the adult student.

    Enrollment Procedure

    • Candidates must meet with the Adult Education Program Administrator, or designee, to obtain a program description and application.
    • Candidates must submit completed Online Campus Program Application to the Adult Education Administrator. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • The Program Administrator will meet with the candidate to discuss program eligibility requirements and expectations.
    • The Program Administrator will accept/reject the application and notify the candidate.
    • The candidate will meet with the Program Administrator to determine an appropriate schedule of coursework. Candidate must sign an acknowledgement of acceptance of the rules and requirements of the Adult Education Online Campus Program.
    • The candidate must attend a Cyber Orientation meeting with the District Adult Education Department. Attendance is required; candidates will not be enrolled in on-line courses until after the orientation is complete.
    • A Mentor Teacher will be assigned to the candidate.

    Rules and Requirements

     1. The candidate is required to adhere to all of the School District of the City of Erie policies as they pertain to Online Campus. Academic integrity is essential.

    2. Academic progress must be maintained.

    3. Communication with the mentor teacher is optional but encouraged, via live chat, email, or message board.

    Violation of any of the rules and requirements of the Adult Education Cyber Program may result in the immediate withdrawal of the candidate from the program. Removal from the program is at the discretion of the Cyber Program Team.