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    Culinary Arts/Hospitality with ServSafe Manager Certificate
    Class Time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 pm - 8 pm 
    Cooks and food preparation workers prepare a wide range of foods, from soups, snacks, and salads to entrees, side dishes, and desserts. They work in a variety of restaurants, as well as other places where food is served, such as grocery stores, schools and hospitals. Cooks prepare and cook meals while food preparation workers assist cooks by performing tasks, such as peeling and cutting vegetables, trimming meat, preparing poultry, and keeping work areas clean and monitoring temperatures of ovens and stovetops.
    Food preparation workers perform routine, repetitive tasks under the direction of chefs, head cooks, or supervisors. These workers prepare the ingredients for complex dishes by slicing and dicing vegetables, and making salads and cold items. They weigh and measure ingredients, retrieve pots and pans, and stir and strain soups and sauces. Food preparation workers may also cut and grind meats, poultry, and seafood in preparation for cooking.

    Larger restaurants and food service establishments tend to have varied menus and larger kitchen staffs. Teams of restaurant cooks called assistant or line cooks, may be called to function in these large establishments. Each team has an assigned station that is equipped with the types of stoves, grills, pans, and ingredients needed for the foods prepared at that station. Job titles often reflect the principal ingredient prepared or the type of cooking performed, such as vegetable cook, fry cook, or grill cook.