• Welcome to Marketing! 
    Please make sure you accept the invitation to your Google Classroom ASAP. I sent the invitation to you district e-mail. To log in to your district email, follow the steps below
    1. Go to eriesd.org
    2. Click on Webmail Login
    3. Your Login is: yourlunchnumber@eriesd.org
    4. You passwords is:the password you use to logon to the computer
    We will be able to communicate through Google Classrooms once you have accepted the invitation. Just rememebr that if you post something on the discussion board in Google Classrooms, everyone can see it! I am always available on Remind or through email as well. 
    Marketing 2019-2020
     Hello Everyone!! 

             UPDATE - If you haven't already heard, we will be going to on-line instructions starting Monday, April 20th. All teachers will be doing this through Google Classrooms. These classrooms can be accessed on ANY device (cell phone, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, PlayStation, or anything that has access to the internet).  If you need a  device from the district, you will be able to pick one up. Information on that will be distributed starting April 14th.

            You should be receiving invitations to join a Google Classroom from each of your teachers (I just sent mine out). We will not be posting any assignments on these pages until the above start date. As far as your 3rd Quarter grades are concerned...I am working on grading all of the paper work (mostly 9th & 10th grades) that were turned in BEFORE March 13th. If you did not complete this work, you will have the opportunity to turn it in by April 6th. THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you are missing an assignment, you will NOT receive a ZERO; however, if you are missing an assignment and you want to boost up your grade, you are more than welcome to complete it. These assignments will be posted in you Google Classroom (GC) and in the assignments tab of my EHS Website and this website starting tomorrow (4/3). As far as 4th Quarter grades go, please see the statement below from the ESD Superintendent...

           "In lieu of letter grades for the upcoming fourth quarter, students across all grades will receive a “Complete-Satisfactory” or “Incomplete” mark. Students who receive an “Incomplete” may be required to attend summer school (if the order to close schools is lifted) and/or may be considered for retention based on the overview of all progress during the 19-20 school year."

           What this means is that you will either pass or fail based on if you did the work or not. Your work will still be graded on correctness, not completion, so please make an effort. What I need from you in the next few weeks is confirmation that you are receiving all of this information. So, please e-mail me or text me in remind once you have accepted the invite to the Google Classroom. If I do not hear from you by 4/15, I will try to contact you at home.