• Welcome to Mrs. Bailey's 6th Grade Science! 
    Name: Mrs. Jennifer Bailey
    School: Strong Vincent Middle School
    School Phone: 814-874-6500
    Email: jbailey@eriesd.org
    Room #: 104
    Class: A Pod 6th Grade Science
    Overview: In 6th grade science, students will begin the year reviewing basic science concepts such as the steps of the scientific method. We will then transition to our first unit of study, Renewable and Nonrenewable energy resources: what they are, how they are obtained, how/why they are used, and how they impact the environment. Our second unit of study will be the Sun, Earth and Moon system. We will learn about how the sun, earth, and moon impact one another, the lunar phases, and briefly study the other planets within our solar system! Lastly, students will finish the year studying Chemistry! Students will learn about the Periodic Table of Elements and explore energy and heat transfer! 
    Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly, Monday-Thursday (with few exceptions throughout the year). At the start of EACH week, students will be given ONE handout  and will be assigned different sections of the handout for homework each night. Homework will be reviewed each day in class. It will be periodically checked/collected for a grade! 
    Binders: Students will be expected to organize and maintain a SCIENCE binder with appropriately labeled dividers. We will set them up together in class (each student's binder will be set up the exact same) at the beginning of the school year. Students will be taught how to use their binder and then be expected to maintain the organization of their binder. Binder checks will occur periodically throughout the year and students will be assigned a grade based on their ability to stay organized. 
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