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    Grade 4 ELA Teacher       Email: pmadura@eriesd.org    Room 101
    Google Classroom Class Code: n42gnc7
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      My class is calm, structured and inviting for the students.  Our class will be working on a variety of ELA topics;

    **Each unit is comprised of: ● Lessons, including Reading, Writing, Grammar, Morphology, and Spelling activities. ● A Unit Assessment that evaluates students’ reading comprehension, understanding and retention of academic and domain-specific vocabulary words, as well as the grammar and morphology skills targeted in the unit. A writing prompt is included, as is an optional fluency evaluation. The core content targeted in the domain is assessed in a separate Content Assessment. The results should guide review and enrichment offered during the end of unit Pausing Point. ● Pausing Points present opportunities to review, reinforce, or extend the content and skills taught.

    4th Grade ELA Units of Study

    **Highlighted unit is the most current

    Unit 1: Personal Narratives

    Unit 2: Empires in the Middle Ages

    Unit 3: Poetry

    Unit 4: Eureka! Student Inventor

    Unit 5: Geology

    Unit 6: Contemporary Fiction

    Unit 7: American Revolution

    Unit 8: Treasure Island
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