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    Mr. Knight CS Educator

    Knight (rknight@eriesd.org)



    I hope all is well, don't forget.


    Make Up Work Opportunity:


    From now until April 20th, 2020

    Here is another reminder for those who would like to make up at least 2 Hour of Code for an increase in class grade.

    I recommend everyone who scored less than 100% complete and turn it into 1Drive.


    Remember Safety Every day and get out play and enjoy the weather,

    (with parents guidance of course.)

    Ergonomics: Safety Wellness/Stretching 

    See Homework Page




    Hour of Code links are available under Web Resources:    

    Great opportunity!!

    Hello Students under Code.Org/break there is a live code break taking place with students all over the world. Also there is and opportunity to meet Super Stars Shark Tank Mark Cuban and Lyndsey Scott contest:

    We have a really exciting episode planned, with a special live-coding interaction your CS Principles students won't want to miss.

    As a treat, we’re looking for high school students to pitch a great app idea to Mark Cuban, live on Code Break. Please share this opportunity with all your CSP students. We’ll ask the student to pitch their idea, receive feedback from Mark, and the audience will vote on their favorite. We’ll then prototype the winning idea. 

    Any student can send a 1-minute video to codebreaktech@code.org pitching an app idea. Submissions are due this Monday, March 30th by 10am PST, and must include:

    • The student’s name, location, and grade in email
    • Video (< 1 min), the student describing their app idea - what it does, and why it’s of value
    • We’ll feature ideas that could be rapidly prototyped on App Lab. 

    Participating students MUST be available for a rehearsal on Tuesday, March 31, 11:30am-1pm PST and for the live episode, Wednesday, April 1, from 9:00am-11am PST.

    This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs. We appreciate your help sharing this with your high school students. 

    Thank you,














    All students can work on Smart Futures. There is a link to the Smart Futures website on the Erie School District Student page or students may sign in directly at smartfutures.org.



    Student usernames: eriesd******  (******= is YOUR student ID #). For example eriesd864378

    Student password: is the same password you use to log in to the computers at school.