• Greeting Students and Parents,

    While we are shutdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I would like all students to maintain our standard learning rhythm.   Each week students should log on to membean and complete 45-60 minutes of training.  Students should also complete 5 SSR logs (read about 20 minutes a day, then writing a five sentence summary to complete one SSR log).  This should be kept and turned in whenever students return.  Each week there will also be assignments given using IXL, which will help review previous lessons, and help guide students through some new material.  All COMPLETE material will be added to the gradebook, and will benefit 3rd quarter grades by replacing any missing points from similar assignments.

    Contact: Email:  nsellers@eriesd.org


    Online Instruction begins as of 4/20/20

    Material will be provided via google classroom

    Feel free to email me throughout the day.  "Office Hours" are available (times listed below).  While I will be checking emails and messages throughout the day, office hours are a time where I will be available throughout that slot to respond to student and parent questions and concerns.


    Monday - Friday

    11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  & 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


    Due by 4/3/2020

    Membean: Complete 45 minutes   https://membean.com/

    Complete 5 SSR Logs  (read 20 minutes, and write a 5 sentence summary of reading.  Include date, and signature of parent who witnessed reading)

    IXL Standards:        https://www.ixl.com/

    • Complete any and all starred IXL standards.  Minimum smartscore of 90  (will be part of 3rd quarter grade since it was pre-shutdown)

    Caronavirus shutdown assignments: (3-16 to 3-27)

    Students are to work on membean (vocab), IXL (lesson practice), and daily reading logs.  Each day students should complete one of the IXL standards, achieving a minimum smart score of 90.  Bonus points will be given for higher scores.  Each IXL will be graded individually as a classwork assignment out of 90 points.

    • Membean: 45 minutes per week.   (membean.com  Username = firstname_lastname_wme                  password = lunch number)
    • IXL:
    • SSR: Reading logs should be continued.  On a sheet of paper, students need to have 1 log a day.  They need to write a summary (3+ sentences of essential details from what they read in 20 minutes of reading) of a book they are reading.  example log below:


    EX SSR Log: Book Title: Grandma Gatewood's Walk    Date: 3/13/20  pages: 57-88

    Summary:  Granny Gatewood was forced into town due to a shoe breaking.  She was given meals and a bed by people who had heard of her goal of completely walking the Appalachian Trail.  She bought supplies and returned to the trail, talking with reporters and children along the way.  She then hiked over 100 miles of rough terrain, getting lost due to poor trail marking.  A hurricane was forming in the Atlantic, and its projected path ran up the East coast.





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