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    Hi! I'm Ms. Justine Keene. I graduated from Edinboro University in 2017 with a degree in Middle Level English Education. I am currently working on my  Master's degree in special education from California University of Pennsylvania. I teach 7th grade English Language Arts for the B pod. Daily, we work on grammar, vocabulary, and text comprehension, in addition to doing weekly spelling assessments. 


    Hello everyone! You almost made it to the end of the school year. We are now finished with online learning on Google Classroom, so I have added some enrichment activities for you to work on from now until the end of next week. Click on the class resources tab to see what the activities are. Try your best and good luck!


    I sent everyone an invite to join my Google Classroom, but if you did not receive that invite for some reason, use your period'd code to join!

    Period Two:2ey2hj

    Period Four: u23k2dl

    Period Five: yhr6jpj

    Period Six: i6vd2ja


    Learning on Google Classroom starts on Monday, so make sure you join by then!


    Room Number: B217

    Email: jkeene@eriesd.org