Welcome to Autistic Support, Grades 6-8

We are in this together!

  • 3/23/2020: It's been said a million times and we, as a district, are only on week two of our now indefinite shutdown. Please remember to watch for OneCalls or check Erie's Public Schools for other updates via their website or Facebook pages. These will be the most accurate source of information for you regarding the shutdown. In the interm, please know I remain as much a resource as possible. Each student brought home a resource packet that was specifically labeled for this circumstance. As I mentioned before, please continue to complete these paper assignments at the pace of your son or daughter. I'll continue posting supplemental enrichment activities as time progresses. My goal is to make this as individualized and meaningful as possible. Please, reach out to me via e-mail or ClassTag if you have questions, concerns, or just need to touch base. I hope to see everyone as soon as possible and I miss our time as a class with each passing day. Stay well!