Miss Lindenberger's 6th Grade Science Website

Letter to Parents from Mr. Polito:

  • Hello everyone!! 

    Update: More Gizmos have been posted!!! I was trying to wait patiently so the majority of you could finish the first two without becoming overwhelmed... however, now I've added a few more! As you complet the student activities, make sure you are e-mailing them to me! 

    You can complete them as a PDF and e-mail it in that format, or you can write it on lined paper, take a picture, and e-mail me the picture! 

    I HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE STAYING SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are a few changes to what I told you on Friday, March 13.

    Changes to Class Assignments

    First, I will be assigning four Gizmos on here like I said before, however I will not have due dates.

    I told you in class how I would suggest you complete them, which is one activity a day so it will take you two days to complete one Gizmo. I will have all four posted soon, but don't panic! They are not all due at once.

    Any work you do complete, please save it as your first initial, and last name.

    • For example, you should e-mail me your Phases of Water file saved as mLindenberger...
    • The next Gizmo you do should be saved and e-mailed to me as mLindenberger1...
    • Then the third as mLindenberger2....
    • and so on... 


    Bonus Opporunities?! What!? Miss L.... You're so nice!

    Also, I added a tab called Bonus! which you find videos, articles, etc. The rest of the information on that is under that tab... You will have to read to find out more... 

    Changes to Homework

    Homework will still be "due" on Fridays while we're out. I put "due" in quotations based on the changes that were made about not having due dates. All I can say is.... I will accept any HW that you hand in on time and is completed as we discussed in class. If the work you complete for me while we are out can't be graded, then... Let me put it this way..... If you complete HW while we're out, and it's on it and completd as we discussed in class... you'll receive a HW pass. 

    How Can You Yell for Me if We Aren't in Class? 

    I will do my best to keep up with my e-mail and to check in!


    Everybody stay safe and stay clean! Wash your hands! Use hand sanitizer! Let's kick this virus out just like Dr. Mario does to the blue, red, and yellow viruses!