Currently Roosevelt  Middle School has 720 students enrolled in a variety of academic programs for grades 6-8. Our curriculum and units of study are listed in the link below. Specific information about our Honors program, ELL, and Special Education are found on the left.
Each grade level is divided into two pods. These pods consist of four teachers in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students are placed into a homeroom and they travel with that homeroom for the day to their core academic classes listed above. Travel time is very small as all classrooms in a given pod are located next door or across the hall. Students are placed into Related Arts courses based upon their interest. Students filled out interest surveys at the end of last school year. The entire grade level attends related arts classes at a given time. Our related arts schedule is listed below
Honors Academy Students: 2nd period
8th grade:5th period
7th grade: 4th period
6th grade: 3rd period
Current enrollment is about 720 students. Each pod contains about 80-100 students per grade level. Class sizes are roughly 20-25 students per class.You can view Erie's Public Schools curriculum and pacing guides here.
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