• Welcome! I have linked websites and videos for the students to continue learning about ways to be healthy. Please read the descriptions of each tab below:


    Google Classroom Codes - I have provided login codes to each grade level's google classroom.

    Class Resources- I have provided links to various websites that are related to health. Feel free to browse through the websites and discover new ways to be healthy! Also on this page you will find a list of activities appropriate for each grade level.

    Web Resources - Under this tab, there are links to videos about how the body works, which are appropriate for all ages. The links take you to a playlist; feel free to watch them at your own pace and explore any other videos about the body.

    *Remember to stay active, healthy, and be safe. Try to get 60 minutes of play per day. I cannot wait to see everyone back at PB soon!

    Mr. Hughes - Physical Education