• Frequently Asked Questions:

    When do we start graded work?

    Graded work starts April 20th. Work after this point will affect fourth quarter grading and passing the class.

    Before that, assignments are considered enrichment.  They are still a good idea for practice and to make the transition smoother when we go back to required/graded work.

    What do I need to do?

    Assignments are available on my teacher page. They will usually be posted on Fridays for the following week.  Look for the correct week:

    * (4/20-4/24) GRADED Week one:  Here


     How do I know what I need to do?

    You can keep up with announcements and assignments by one or any of the following.  You do not need to join all of them, but at least two will help make sure you don't miss out due to one not working briefly:

    * Checking my wepage, right here

    * Remind App: Here

    * Google Classroom: Here

    * School e-mail account or an address you supply to me

    * Sending me an e-mail: lstewart@eriesd.org


    How do I get a good grade?

    For third quarter, grades will be taken from work before the school closing.  Yes, you have opportunities to make up missed work from between when school closed and now.

    For the fourth quarter, grades will be pass/fail.  You will pass by doing the assignments, and demonstrating some understanding of the content.

    Why can't I edit the assignment document?

    Assignment documents are read-only / view-only so that everyone can use them.  You can still copy/paste the content to a new document that you will be able to edit.

    How do I send my work to you?

    Whatever is most convenient for you.  Some ideas:

    * print it out, scan it and e-mail it or send it through Remind with your answers

    * copy/paste the google document to a new one you can edit, send that via e-mail or Remind

    * make a separate document to write the answers

    * take a picture!  send me that by e-mail or Remind

    How do I get help on assignments or contact you?

    I can answer questions on the Remind app and through e-mail.  Also please make sure to check your school e-mail regularly, as I send information there as well as via Remind.

    Remind: Here

    E-mail: lstewart@eriesd.org

    When are you available?

    I'm most available between 8:30am-5pm on weekdays.  I will try to respond to questions quickly, but it may take longer outside those times.