• Name: Matt Hinterberger

    School: Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy

    School Phone: 874-6300

    Email Address: mhinterberger@eriesd.org

    Room #: 123

    Classes: Latin I, Latin II, Latin III 


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Latin I - zsoqzco

    Latin II - xcyl3ks

    Latin III -  5mwwe4z

    I uploaded a document to Classroom Resources with log-in instructions. I hope they help! Please let me know if you have any difficulties logging into Google Classroom! 


    If any students are interested, I created a Remind for each Latin class. Text 81010 to whichever class you are in:

    Latin I:     @latin1ro

    Latin II:    @latin2ro

    Latin III:   @latin3ro

    Alternative Latin: @altlatin

    I sent an email out earlier today (APRIL 16th) discussing the fourth quarter classwork. I had discussed that Rosetta Stone would be the most efficient and least confusing way to proceed for the fourth quarter due to all students already having an account. However, if you recall, before we left school back in early March, an alternative option to Rosetta Stone was presented to all of the Latin classes. That option may still be considered. If you are genuinely interested in the Alternative Latin option, please join the Remind for Alternative Latin. Next week, I will see how much interest there is and proceed from there. 


    Please check your emails regularly for all updates and announcements related to fourth quarter assignments and grading!  I sent out an email earlier tonight to all Latin students discussing 'tentative' plans for the upcoming fourth quarter.


    APRIL 15, 2020

    Fourth quarter checkpoints have been updated! Please refer to the Classroom Resources tab or Infinite Campus for updated information!


    APRIL 13, 2020

    I am allowing anyone who did not complete their Rosetta Stone Checkpoint #1 (12% completion), which was due March 13th, the opportunity to make up the work for FULL CREDIT! This will be in effect until Sunday (4/19)! This is a great opportunity for anyone who is behind to make up any work that is incomplete. I will update grades on Infinite Campus throughout this week. All fourth quarter checkpoints will be adjusted. I will continue to keep everyone updated. 


    As a friendly reminder, if you are able to, please continue working towards your next checkpoint, which is 25% by April 1st. I will be monitoring everyone's progress, but I will not penalize anyone for not completing their work on time. However, I would like to see everyone continue to make some form of progress. All of the information that you will need regarding checkpoints and due dates can be found on Infinite Campus. I will most likely update the Checkpoints on Infinite Campus accordingly as we continue to move forward and learn more information related to the school closing. If anyone has any questions regarding current assignments and due dates, please feel free to email me at the address listed above. I regularly check my emails, mostly between 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., and will make sure to reply to your messages in a timely manner.


    Enjoy your time off and please continue to be safe!