• Mr. Matt

    I have been teaching since 2014, and have been with The BRIDGES program for the last year.  I will have information for your History and English classes.  I know that EHS has put enrichment for English on their website and/or mailed it out to students, hopefully you have worked on that a little in the past few weeks.  I hope you are all staying safe and practicing social distancing at this time.  As you may know by now, we will begin our online learning on April 20th.  We will primarily work with GOOGLE CLASSROOM, for which I will be providing a link on this page in the coming days.  If you are to have any questions, now or once we begin our online learning, you can reach me at...





    Please remember to practice your social distancing, wash your hands often, and stay safe.


    If you have any questions for Ms. Jane, she can be reached at jedel@eriesd.org or jedel@sarahreed.org AND       Ms. Barb can be reached at bhewitt@eriesd.org or bhewitt@sarahreed.org