• NPCA Library

    Librarian: Ms. Mary Drapcho
    Learning Resource Assistant: 

    Library Hours: No service
    Phone: 874-6312

    The Collegiate Academy Library Resource Center supports, complements, and enriches the school curriculum by serving as an in-house and online research center for students and faculty. With a comprehensive fiction collection including e-books, the library also strengthens the school's love of recreational reading.

    The library provides both instruction and access to print and digital resources, enabling students and faculty to use the library for both research and recreational reading. Featuring an online electronic card catalog, an extensive collection of reference books, wide-ranging magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and numerous online databases and digital resources, the library provides a full range of media and information.

    Ranging from Homer's Iliad to contemporary novels, a full collection of books is available at the library for students and faculty to choose from.