6th Grade
    In the fall of 2013, Wilson 6th grade students will be investigating STEM enrichment projects during their CORE time period. The program will be designed to follow the "Catastrophic Events" science module curriculum with extension activities and inter-disciplinary connections. The students will apply their science knowledge by analyzing local weather data from the Erie Times News, taking wind temperature, and humidity measurements at various microclimates around the school, and working with climatologists on a computer program called "Monster Storms". Language art skills, such as writing and public speaking, and social studies topics, such as the environmental and economic impacts of extreme weather will be incorporated into the CORE lessons. 
     7th Grade
     MindStorms Education and Engineering 1 - This Curriculum supports beginning robotics students with a dual emphasis on programming and standards-based academic STEM concepts. Each of the six projects begins with a robotics research prototype in which students are guided step-by-step through the building and programming of a new robot behavior. Afterwards they follow up their prototype work with a robotics investigation in which students experiment with the robot's motors, sensors, and programming. 
    8th Grade
     MindStorms Education Robotics Engineering 2 - Students learn engineering as they continually develop solutions to robotic challenges currently found in agriculture, security, and energy. They have a chance to solve the same problems that today's scientists and engineers are facing. Using an engineering journal to document their progress, students conduct research, develop prototypes of potential solutions; select their optimal solution; and then build, test, and improve the design before presenting it to the customers.