• cfes


    College For Every Student (CFES) is a national non-profit organization committed to raising the academic aspirations and performance of underserved youth so that they can prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college.  This is accomplished through three core practices; Mentoring, Leadership Through Service, and Pathways to College.

    Students Served:  CFES school teams select a cohort of students (CFES Scholars) to participate in the CFES Program.   

    CFES Provides: Professional training workshops for staff, training for students in the three core practices, and support and assistance by CFES professionals. CFES also provides connections with other schools and colleges across the United States in addition to the following CFES resources and services:

                    -Planning/Training Workshop

                    -National Conference

                    -Three Summits at the CFES Center, e.g., College Persistence, Common Core, STEM

                    -Professional Development Dinners

                    -College Partnership Support

                    -Financial Aid / College Knowledge Workshop

                    -College Connect Workshop

                    -Sophomore Summit

                    -Student Leadership Summit

                    -College Explore (4 sites)

                    -Program Director Support

                    -Virtual Training Sessions

                    -Curricular Materials/Modules

                    -School of Distinction

                    -Video Contest

                    -Communications/PR Support

                    -CFES Banner and Posters

            -College Application Fee Waivers




    CFES Activities:  Each CFES Scholar participates in mentoring, two service projects, leadership development and visits at least one college campus annually.  Schools must have at least 100 CFES Scholars involved in all of the CFES Core Practices.

    Funding: Schools may access stipend funds that can be used to support any CFES activity, encourage parental involvement, provide transportation, and identify scholars. 

    Reports and Data:  Each school submits a year-long plan by early October, a mid-year report in January, and a final report by early June.  Data on student attendance, academic improvement (standardized tests or grades), and behavioral referrals are used to judge success.  For seniors, the number accepted at colleges is reported, as well as amount of financial aid awarded.

    Teacher Involvement:  Any teacher can volunteer to work with some or all of the three core practices.  Each school must be represented at the Planning/Training Workshop and the National Conference.

    More Information:  Can be found at www.collegefes.org or by contacting your regional Program Director, Jim Rutkowski at jrutkowski@eriesd.org or by phone 814-490-5439.