• CFES College For Every Student is a non-profit nationwide organization that is dedicated to helping students gain college knowledge and prepare themselves for college and a career.

    11 of Erie's Public Schools are involved in the program with more than 3,000 students involved. Our schools are: Connell, Diehl, Edison, Harding, Jefferson, Lincoln, Pfeiffer-Burleigh, Roosevelt, Strong Vincent, Wayne, and Wilson.  CFES encourages students to participate in three core practices that will prepare them for the future.  Mentoring develops academic and communication skills, reduces bullying, and allows students to support each other. 

    Pathways To College increases one’s knowledge about choosing the right college and career, provides the opportunity to visit area colleges, and how to prepare for post-high school education. Leadership Through Service allows the students to develop their personal soft skills while providing a service to their school and community.  Each school participates in all three core practices and CFES provides personnel and support to ensure that we impact each student and guide them on their path to success.

    To learn more about CFES, visit their website at collegefes.org

    This website is maintained by CFES staff. Please contact Jim Rutkowski at jrutkowski@eriesd.org with questions.