Mrs. Lenze
    Joanna Connell Elementary School
    2nd Grade
       It might be stormy now, but rain doesn't last forever.

    As we proceed on during this difficult time, it will be important for us to use each other as recources and stay safe.  Please don't hesitate to contact me in your time of need.   



    A weekly schedule of assignments has been posted for your child to follow.  A new schedule will be updated each week.  Click on the link below to view.  

    March 23-27th Assignments


    Lessons and practice are ready to use on both Amplify and I-ready websites for completion at this time. Students are to use individual usernames and passwords provided on thier login cards.  We are very familiar with navigating through both of these programs.  Please email or dojo me if you need assistance. 

    Reading: Amplify (reading.amplify.com
    Math: Iready (login.i-ready.com)
    -student ID number will be used for both username AND password (you will type the student # in twice).
    -select Pennsylvania for state
     **If you would like more hands-on practice, a packet is available for you to print from the Iready site that will correspond to our curriculum.  Click on the link provided and select grade 2.  There is both reading and math practice.
     * Assignment packets created by the district are also availble on the district website (eriesd.org
    Other Web Resources: 

    1. PBSkids

    2. Mr. Nussbaum

    3. Cool Math Games

    4. ABCya