• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Mr. David Nieratko
    School: East Middle School
    School Phone: 814-874-6400
    Room #: D210
    Classes: Ell Science
    Welcome Message:
    Welcome to my website! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!
    During the shutdown your assignments for science will be completing assignments on MobyMax.
    Please go to mobymax.com and find available lessons to complete.


    Progress will be checked and more lessons will be assigned in the coming days and weeks if necessary.
    If you have forgotten your username or password for MobyMax, you can email me:


    Any concerns or questions can be sent to my email.


    You can GIZMOS on the following site:


     Please email me at dnieratko@eriesd.org to get a username and password to  access to GIZMOS

    You can find assignments by clicking the the MobyMax link above or go to the web resources tab.
    Go to the Class Resources tab to find the worksheet we were working on during our last class.
    You may complete the worksheet if you are ablle to print it. The answer key is available for you to check tour answers.
Science is Fun!