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    School:  Grover Cleveland Elementary
    School Phone:   874-6670
    Room #:  96
    Classes:  Fifth Grade English Language Arts
    Welcome Message:  Welcome students and parents!  esabol@eriesd.org
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    Wednesday, March 25th
    Hi everybody!
    6 days left on IXL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of you are knocking it out of the park!  Get the PSSA work done too-a little each day.  Amplify one hour each day.  If we need to, I will set up new passwords for IXL.  On the school district website homepage, you can get the paper and pencil work online-something extra to keep you sharp!!!
    Email me with questions-I emailed your family email from Infinite Campus to check if it was a working email and I heard back from some of you...so thanks!
    Miss you guys! 
    ♥  Mrs. Sabol
    Monday, March 23rd update!  This is for parents!!!!  Before we left, I made sure all students knew how to find my webpage and knew my email address. I would now appreciate if you would email me your contact information (your name and student name) and the email address to best contact you with.  If I do not hear from you, I will be attempting to contact you through the email address on Infinite Campus.
    Mrs. Sabol
    Monday, March 23rd
    Hi again!
    All of you that are checking this page, please email me.  I want to have your emails, so that I can directly email you if needed.
    Good thoughts to all of you,
    Mrs. Sabol
    Sunday, March 22nd
    I miss you!
    I know many of you are finishing up our final days of IXL!  Remember, it has other skills you can work on besides language arts, like math, social studies, etc.  No matter what happens with our school year, the winners from each homeroom will get a reward!

    Starting tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd, you should be on Amplify Reading for at least one hour per day-the more you do, the better!  I know Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Heufner have given assignments for each and every day as well.  I also gave you two paper PSSA packets-get those done!  This is important to keep you sharp and ready for 6th grade.  I will have more updates in the coming days.  Please take care and one very important thing you can do is read!  READ READ READ

    Mrs. Sabol
    Email with questions:  esabol@eriesd.org
    Monday 3-16
    Get started on the IXL assignments!  I already see many of you have!  Get as many of them done as you can this week.  See the list below...
    Stay healthy,
    Mrs. Sabol
    Tuesday 3-17  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Wow!  A lot of you are really going for it on IXL!  We have 14 days left of our free trial.  I will be assigning Amplify assignments and the PSSA practice tests I gave you starting Monday the 23rd.  So get a jump on IXL!
    Hi everyone! Thursday 3-19-20
    Keep up the great work on IXL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will add other assignments on Monday, the 23rd.  Stay at home and stay safe.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  Mrs. Sabol

    IXL Fifth grade language arts


    IXL assignment

    Do these in order.  Scroll down-Grammar and Mechanics is last.


    #1 Grammar and Mechanics  

    #2 Reading Strategies

    #3 Writing Strategies

    #4 Vocabulary


    Reading strategies

    A.Main idea


    C.Author's purpose and tone

    D.Text structure

     F.Literary devices

    G.Point of view


    I.Story elements

    J.Text features


    Writing strategies

    O.Organizing writing

    P.Introductions and conclusions 


    R.Developing and supporting arguments

    U.Editing and revising


    V.Prefixes and suffixes


    BB.Multiple-meaning words

     EE.Context clues

     Grammar and mechanics

    GG.Sentences, fragments, and run-ons

    Do these only

    Is it a complete sentence or a fragment?

    5 Is it a complete sentence or a run-on?

    6 Is it a complete sentence, a fragment, or a run-on?

    7 Identify dependent and independent clauses

     KK.Subject-verb agreement

    LL.Verb tense