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    School readiness involves more than just children. School readiness, in the broadest sense, is about children, families, schools, and communities. "School readiness" describes the capabilities and development that are influenced by their families and through their interactions with other people and environments before coming to school.

    Ready Children

    Each child’s level of readiness will develop in different ways and at varying rates. A ready child is prepared socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in a manner that is consistent with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.


    Ready Families

    A ready family understands that they are the most important people in a child’s life and take an active role in developing the child’s school readiness through direct, frequent, and positive involvement in the child. Families recognize their role as a child’s first teacher, while providing a safe environment, promoting good health, developing self-control, fostering excitement and an importance of learning.


    Ready Schools

    Erie's public elementary schools are committed to the children, families, and the community they serve. Our schools welcome children of all abilities and provides opportunities to develop the whole child and provide quality educators that value diversity and reinforce each child’s individual strengths.

    Our 12 elementary schools provide quality learning environments that exhibit a high level of readiness provide access to books, writing and drawing supplies, games, and various other materials that support opportunities to explore and learn.


    Ready Communities

    The Erie community plays a critical role in supporting families as primary stewards of children’s readiness. Community members, organizations, and businesses must work together to support families, schools, and the success of all children.

    Download the Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Below