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Model UN takes first at Gannon

The Collegiate Academy Model United Nations Team placed first overall at the 66th Annual Gannon University Model UN Conference, November 2-3. Second place was awarded to Fredonia High School, and Clarion High School was third. Collegiate was also recognized with a second place award for its position paper.
Model UN is a simulation where students role-play their respective countries to learn about diplomacy, international issues, and the United Nations. It includes extensive research and debate and students learn important skills in public speaking, research, writing, teamwork, and critical thinking. 
The Gannon conference is second only to Berkeley as it the second oldest Model UN Conference in the country. It was attended by approximately 400 students from 18 schools representing 49 countries. This marks the 11th consecutive year that Collegiate finished first overall at the conference.
Collegiate delegates finished either first or second in every committee. Soleil Rosenzweig and Kevin Xu were named Best Delegate in their respective committees, and Samuel Babins, Jake Gehrlein, Nate Hanrahan, Olivia Kelly, Anthony Villella, and Rachel Zimmer all received an Outstanding Delegate Award for placing second. In addition, Korrine Averill was third in her committee. Nate Hanrahan, Soleil Rosenzweig, and Kevin Xu were also honored by their committees as they were chosen to speak before the General Assembly to present their respective resolutions at the closing ceremonies.
Collegiate Academy is proud to note that four staff members of the Gannon University team are Collegiate graduates, including Heba and Muhammad Al-Sahlani (both 2016), Mary Lohitai (’15) and Randall Sutter (’18). Four of our graduates have also served as the Secretary-General of the conference, including Rachel Maloney (’03), Jared Schaaf (’09), Katherine Greissinger (’13) and Muhammad Al-Sahlani (’16).
The next event for Collegiate Model UN will be our Eighth Annual Middle School Conference, scheduled for March 8-9.
Photo 1: Collegiate Academy Model UN delegates – From left to right: Sara Keriakes, Madelyn Miller Anna Grychowski, Olivia Kelly, Emily Hoag, Keegan Szeuczyk, Nick Devlin, Paul Hess, Soleil Rosenzweig, Matthew Prenovitz, Samuel Babins, Anthony Villella, Elise Roessner, Kyu Hyek Han, Jake Gehrlein, Likhith Borela, Erika Stanton, Evan Barish, Nate Hanrahan, Caleb Balzer, Kevin Xu, Korrine Averill and Rachel Zimmer. Note pictured: Athan Diniaco, Alex Kisak, Ludia Koblyuk and Joe Smith.
Photo 2: Collegiate Academy’s 1st place China delegation - From left to right: Nate Hanrahan, Anthony Villella, Kevin Xu, Rachel Zimmer, Soleil Rosenzweig, Jake Gehrlein, Olivia Kelly, Elise Roessner, Samuel Babins and Emily Hoag. Back Row (stage) – from left to right: Assistant Secretary-General Megan Shindledecker and Collegiate graduates Randall Sutter (Chair), Muhammad Al-Sahlani (Secretary General) and Heba Al-Sahlani (Chair).