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Students excel on 2019 National Latin Exam

Several Collegiate Academy Latin students received recognition for their performances on the 2019 National Latin Exam. The exam, taken by thousands of students in not only the United States but also several countries around the world, assesses the reading comprehension, grammatical proficiency, and cultural knowledge of students. The awards are as follows:
  • Alexa Weaver: Latin II Exam, Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
  • Ted Hoag: Latin II Exam, Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude
  • Michael Simons: Introduction to Latin Exam, Ribbon of Excellence 
  • Abigail Miller: Introduction to Latin Exam, Certificate of Achievement 
  • Lisa Pham: Introduction to Latin Exam, Certificate of Achievement 
  • Evelyn Terry: Latin I Exam, Magna Cum Laude 
  • Niyokindi Thiery: Latin I Exam, Cum Laude 
  • Sarah Diemel: Latin II Exam, Magna Cum Laude
  • Athan Diniaco: Latin II Exam, Magna Cum Laude
  • Caleb Balzer: Latin II Exam, Magna Cum Laude
  • John Pham: Latin II Exam, Cum Laude
  • Logan Blount: Latin III Exam, Cum Laude
  • Augustine Fisher: Latin IV Poetry Exam, Magna Cum Laude 
Congratulations to all of the students!