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Weather School Closing/Delay Procedures for EPS

Winter Weather School Closing Procedures for Erie’s Public Schools


Erie’s Public Schools is constantly monitoring the forecast in the event of inclement or potentially inclement weather, including extremely cold temperatures and/or extremely cold wind chills in the City of Erie. While we try to avoid weather-related closures, we will notify the community as soon as possible when we have sufficient and reliable information available.


In the event of a school closure in Erie’s Public Schools, families will be notified by way of a one-call phone message, website postings on our district and school pages, Facebook, the EPS mobile app and through our local news stations.  Updates will also be provided through these outlets as necessary. Families will only be notified in the event of a school closure or delay. If no notice has been given otherwise, please proceed with sending your student to school as normal.


Please note the following procedures regarding weather-related school closures from the EPS 2018-19 Student Handbook/Code of Conduct (Page 13, Section J):

“If the Superintendent orders schools to be closed, parents are not required to send a written excuse for their child’s absence on that day.

If the Superintendent announces an official ‘Parent discretion day,’ parents may use their discretion in deciding whether to send their child to school. On these official days determined by the Superintendent, the parent must send a written excuse regarding that weather-related absence with their child upon the child’s return to school. Failure to send a written excuse in these circumstances will result in the absence recorded as unexcused."

Again, please note that parental discretion is ONLY in effect on days that the Superintendent makes an official announcement.


In addition, we also remind city residents of their obligation to shovel their property in order to assist with snow removal efforts and clear sidewalks for our student walkers.


Thank you to our students, families and community for your cooperation and understanding during these winter months.